Welcome Message from the Hosting Chair

Dear distinguished guest and colleagues,

On behalf of the organizing committee of Asian Conference on Tumor Ablation (ACTA) and the Taiwan Academy of Tumor Ablation (TATA), I would like to welcome all of you to join the 6th ACTA in Chiayi, Taiwan. This is the start of the 2nd round ACTA activity. With the theme of "Maximize the Border of Ablation", an intensive series of lectures will be held in this two-day event, focusing on the arena of liver, kidney, lung, bone, thyroid and head & neck regions. Current evidences on combine therapy (target therapy, immunotherapy, embolization and tumor ablation), multidisciplinary guidelines, debates on comparison between different modalities and up-to-date development in robotic guidance will be carried out. Through case-based presentation on best experience and nightmares, this would be a great opportunity for experts to share experience and collaborate.


On Oct 25 2019, pre-conference workshop will be held. The basic principle and technical tips of radiofrequency ablation (RFA), microwave (MW), cryoablation, irreversible electroporation (IRE) and various guiding techniques including imaging fusion will be introduced. During the event, the participants will have the opportunity to learn the basic principle and hand-on practice on the state-of-art ablation tools. We believe it is a great chance for young physicians who would like to enter the field.


The congress will take place at Chiayi Chang Gung memorial hospital, which is nearby the Southern Branch of the National Palace Museum. Chiayi County has majestic and broad scenery surrounded with hills and waters, possessing awesome landscapes and seascapes, suitable for bicycle tourism. The congress tour of Alishan National Sceneric area will also be arranged. We expect all the participants could enjoy the scenery, gourmet food, and the hospitality of Chiayi county during your stay here.


We sincerely invite you to participate the banquet of tumor ablation in Asia and enjoy the time with friends. We assure you a pleasant experience in Chiayi in Oct 2019.


Best regards,


Sheng-Nan Lu, MD, MPH, PhD

Hosting Chair

Deputy Superintendent and Professor, Chiayi Chang Gung Memorial Hospital.

Chiayi, Taiwan



Welcome Message from the Co-Chair

(Immediate Past Hosting Chair)

Dear Friends,

It gives me immense pleasure to know that the 6th edition of ACTA, (ACTA19 ) is to be conducted in the beautiful city of Chiayi, Taiwan. Though tumor ablation has its origins in Asia, it has still not found its due recognition in the treatment of cancers in many Asian countries. ASTA ( Asian Society of Tumor Ablation ) has taken upon itself not only to popularize, but also teach the nuances of tumor ablation to give it the status it deserves in the treatment of certain common cancers. In this endeavor, ASTA conducts workshops and its annual conference ACTA ( Asian Conference of Tumor Ablation ) not only for experts to exchange ideas and form Asian guidelines, but also to expose young physicians and students to this exciting and curative minimally invasive treatment option.


These workshops stand not only to arm startup physicians with knowledge, but also helps in building expertise and confidence, for the benefit of patients across the continent.


ASTA has successfully conducted its previous annual meetings to fulfill this goal.

I would like to congratulate and thank TATA ( Taiwan Academy of Tumor Ablation) for partnering with ASTA in the conduct of this year's ACTA.

This meeting will certainly benefit all physicians in practice of cancer management and all students aspiring to take up oncology as a specialty.

I would like to express my best wishes to the ACTA 19 team of organizers .

Looking forward to the best ACTA ever.


Roy Santhosham, MD

Co-Chair (Past Hosting Chair)

Senior Consultant, Radiology & Imaging Sciences .

Sri Ramachandra Medical Centre.

Chennai, India.



Welcome Message from the Co-Chair

(President Elect)

Dear Colleagues,

It is my pleasure to make congratulatory remarks for ACTA 2019. First, I would like to congratulate and thank Prof. Shen-Nan Lu and the Taiwan Academy of Tumor Ablation (TATA), partnering with the Asian Society of Tumor Ablation (ASTA), on holding of the 6th ACTA meeting. Tumor ablation has been widely practiced in Taiwan. TATA has actively promoted the scientific advancement, education, exchange of information in the field of tumor ablation. I expect ACTA 2019 will meet the growing demands of minimally invasive therapy and widen the field of tumor ablation to various organs and conditions with possible combinations of other various treatments.


Asia has the largest number of ablation procedures in the world. Hepatocellular carcinoma, the most common disease treated with ablation, is prevalent in this region. Ablation conditions, such as the prevalently used ablation techniques and the specialties of the doctors performing ablation, are different from country to country in Asia. ASTA holds ACTA meeting every year to provide multidisciplinary forum for updating knowledge and sharing experiences, ultimately encouraging to develop a guidelines and provide education. ACTA is surely a great chance to interact, establish network and collaborate hepatologists, gastroenterologists, radiologists, surgeons and others among Asia to improve health care of cancer patients. I am sure ACTA 2019 in Chiayi, Taiwan will be a great success.



Shuichiro Shiina, MD, PhD

Co-chair (Elected Hosting Chair)

Professor, Department of Gastroenterology, Juntendo University

Tokyo, Japan