Letter of Appreciation


Dear distinguished guests and participants of the ACTA 2019 conference,


ACTA 2019 has concluded successfully last weekend in Chiayi, Taiwan. We would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all those who contributed to the conference. Over 300 attendees from 20 countries have given their time and resources to attend. The results indicated that the attention and interests on tumor ablation is rising. ACTA is bearing a greater responsibility on the education, training and communication in the field of tumor ablation.


We would like to give special thanks to the Speakers and Moderators of the conference from Europe and United State (6), Asian (49) and Taiwan (30). They have provided excellent and state-of-art lecture contents. Diversity is a character of the program, in terms of ablation targets and technology. Apart from ablation in liver lesions, ablation in other organs including thyroid, kidney, lung, bone and soft tissue were also covered. Experience and clinical results on different ablation tools including RFA, microwave, cryoablation and IRE were demonstrated, as well as various guiding modalities such as CT, MRI, fusion and CEUS, etc. The program also discussed the emerging field of robotic guiding technology and combine therapy (TACE, anti-viral treatment). With all the contents, the conference has become a rewarding experience. I owe much gratitude to the secretary general Shu-Huei Shen and the program committee for finalizing this comprehensive conference program.


On Oct 25th, the congress arranged the preconference workshop which provided hands-on practice for junior doctors. The congress also provided free registration and accommodation for trainees from Thailand, India, Philippine, Cambodia, Myanmar, Indonesia, Vietnam, Bangladesh and Kazakhstan. There was active and overwhelming participation, with more than 150 doctors attending the liver, thyroid and CT-guide/ cryoablation sessions. During the workshop, many experts volunteered to join as instructors and shared their own experiences, which was an invaluable lesson. Two live demonstrations were also arranged in the workshop: 1. Ultrasound-guided RFA for HCC. 2. CT-guided cryoablation for renal tumor. We have overcome all the obstacles including patient selection, setting up of broadcasting, coordination between sponsoring company and operating doctors. Many people have contributed in various ways to transform this preconference workshop into a successful and productive day for discussion and networking. We sincerely thank all participants, instructors and sponsors.


It was truly an honor for the congress to have our Vice President, Chien-Jen Chen,to present at the plenary lecture of the opening ceremony. He addressed the strategies and achievements of cancer control in Taiwan, which was inspiring for physicians from other Asian countries. Taiwan is always willing to share the experience of disease control and prevention with other countries. Through this conference, we have opened the door for more international cooperation in the future. Being the hosting chair of ACTA 2019 and Deputy Superintendent of Chiayi Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, I owe much gratitude to the Chiayi Chang Gung Memorial Hospital for supporting the conference in many direct and indirect ways. The hospital provided the international conference center as the conference venue, which included two conference halls and 6 meeting rooms. In the preconference workshop, two CT rooms and one ultrasound room were provided as venues for live demonstration. In addition, the hospital provided the uniform for the staff of ACTA 2019. The hospital also assisted in the contacts with the media to increase the media exposure of the conference.


Chiayi is not a capital city, which takes more than one hour of high speed train travel from Taoyuan international airport to conference venue. The distance between the conference venue to the conference hotels is also more than half hour drive. I am thankful to Secretary Min-Jyun Chen who has coordinated the schedule of shuttle buses, welcome personnels at the train station, and taxi service.


Gala dinner is the most important social activity in this conference. South branch of National Palace Museum was chosen as the venue. I would like to thank the staff at National Palace Museum for their special arrangement of the activities including the private touring, banquet and light show. Chef Ho (FZY foody) and his team have also provided excellent and attention to details catering service. Moreover, I would like to thank our dinner host, Dr. Bi-Yi Chang and Dr. Wei-Ming Chen who were able to keep the time schedule on track and the vibrant atmosphere of the evening. Furthermore, I wish to acknowledge the three founders of ACTA, Prof. Hyunchul Rhim, Prof. Masatoshi Tanaka and Prof. Shi-Ming Lin for their guidance and support for the conference.


Finally, I wish to thank the conference committee led by Secretary general Dr. Shu-Huei Shen and secretary Tsen-Yin Tsai. They have been closely involved in many aspects of the conference, as well as registration of participants and accommodation. The team of Secretary general Dr. Chao-Hung Hung and secretary Min-Jyun Chen has looked after the logistic of conference venue. The team of Hsiu-Tsai Chang (Galaxy advertising LTD.) has successfully designed the layout of conference venue. I also would like to express my sincere appreciation to all the sponsors for their generosity and interest in the conference.


At last, thank you all for your great participation and feedback. Without your support, we could not achieve the success of ACTA 2019. We look forward to seeing you in ACTA 2020, Tokyo Japan!



Best regards,

Sheng-Nan Lu, Hosting Chair of ACTA 2019

Jen-I Hwang, Co-Chair of ACTA 2019, President of TATA

P.S.: The conference photos will be ready for download soon on the official website of ACTA 2019.